What I Notice

Someone Lurking in the Darkness

I have scopophobia, the fear of someone behind you or watching you. I tend to notice anyone behind me, I just feel it on my back. I never feel comfortable with my back in the open or in a crowd, I always have to have my back against a wall where I see everything. This fear has actually kept people from doing jump scares from behind as a joke or for Halloween. So in conclusion, because of me fear I can feel or notice someone behind me.

School During Covid

School During Covid


We all know that this terrible pandemic Covid-19 is going around. Here I’m going to talk about what school is like during Covid for me. Currently at the school I go to, we’ve split every grade in half by the first letter of your last name. 1st half of the alphabet is Academy and second half is University. I am in the University group and we go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m doing school at home. At school, we follow all the procedures to keep everyone safe. Things are very different than last year, but I am very happy I can come to school and see my friends. I hope y’alls school year is going well!

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